ME Experts

Jenn Pike
Health & Wellness Expert

Jenn, a natural born teacher, is a certified yoga instructor holding the Experienced ERYT 200 designation from Yoga Alliance and working towards her RYT 500. Jenn’s classes offer a blend of Hatha, Ashtanga and Anusara components to them with great detail paid to the anatomy, physiology and form of each student. Her classes are real, fun and thought provoking; pushing us to ask both physically and mentally what we want or expect of our selves…what is your true potential? Jenn’s classes will change the way your body looks and the way you feel about it…guaranteed!

She is also a registered Holistic Nutritionist and lead Holistic Nutrition and Wellness expert for Sadie Nardini, a true ‘Rockstar’ in the Yoga Industry and columnist for Glamour, Elle, Martha Stewart Living and Dr. Oz. In her tenth year of practice as a holistic practitioner, Jenn’s goal is to infuse clients with equal parts information, motivation and life-changing action to help achieve their true potential in mind, body and spirit.
Jenn is also a certified Master Personal Trainer Specialist, Medical Exercise Specialist, Twist Sport & Strength Specialist, Stott-trained Pilate’s instructor, Wife and Mother to two amazing children.

“Balanced Living is not about perfection or idealism, it’s about progress”

Namaste, Jenn


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